New album by “Zelinka”

titel-220x220Here it is – our new album. 10 songs by Bernd Fleischer and Torsten Grossmann, that sound as fresh as the ink on the booklet feels. A great mixture of Rock, Blues Funk and Jazz.

Progress on the new album

DSC01581 After some busy month our new album is due to release soon. There are still some things to do but measured against the production it’s just peanuts. Our graphic artist Fritz almost finished the cover design. The cd’s are gonna be produced soon. And then we’re looking forward to the release-party.

Zelinka in recording studio

DSC01586Today Zelinka started the production of their first studio album in Hennestudio Leipzig. Release is scheduled for summer 2013. So we have some busy month ahead of us.

Concert for Joe

IMG_9882On December, 16., Leipzig’s Bands met for a less pleasant reason which turned into a great event. Our beloved friend Joe F. Winter has been diagnosed with cancer. Joe had to cancel all gigs for a not specified period of time. To allow him to focus on getting well again and not being bothered with financial issues the Leipzig musicians decided on doing a “Concert for Joe” so he could get fast and easy help. Zelinka participated and opened the marathon.

Zelinka in Leipzig – by Fred Heiduk

ZELINKA 26.10.12 026Yesterday we had a fantastic reunion with our friends from “Toxic Smile” at the music club “Tonellis” in Leipzig. Even Fred Heiduk from was there, who instantly published a live report. He wrote: Zelinka – that’s joy of playing in connection with high level skills. A special event for your ears, recommended for each and every e-guitar-lover.”

Concert report Groove Station Dresden

We are pleased about Hartmut Helms’ article on referring to our successful season opening 2012. Host of the evening at Groove Station Dresden had been “Toxic Smile” who introduced their new album “I’m you saviour”

zelinka 17.02.2011 071